Appointment and Communication

We enjoy seeing your nail looks! When you arrive, please let us know which services you looking for. If in doubt, send us a nail inspiration  before your appointment. This will assist with determining the duration length as well as any extra expenses that could be incurred.

DO NOT BE "Late Policy"

Please don’t be late! We do not charge late fee, however, if you’re running late and there is not enough time for design you want, we will need to simplify the art wanted. You will still be charged fully for the the services. We our not at fault you running late, and it’s unfair to push other clients appointment back. If there is no communication after 15 minutes, your appointments is considered a ‘no show’.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that unexpected circumstances will happen. IF “no show”  you will be charge 100% of the service cost and NO REFUND!. Please cancel within 24  hour or reschedule. 

Cancellation fees are in place to protect our business and time. Please do not schedule if you are aware that you cannot attend, kindly do not book.


Deposit Policy

We do not require deposit, but when making an appointment, you will be asked to place a credit card on file for any cancellation fee without  un-notifying us in advance.

Toddlers, Children, Pets

Although we adore kids, I respectfully request that you keep your children and pet at home. This is to ensure that the performance of the service and the time it takes to deliver it are not affected.